About Us

Sai Security Systems is an Indian Company based in Haryana engaged in the business of CCTV
Cameras, Electronic security systems and its accessories. We are the authorized distributor
for the brand name CPPLUS for industrial and residential security and surveillance
system use . Our main focus is on quality control so that people get good quality products. The
company has a wide range of CCTV camera and dvr solutions which solves the security and
surveillance problems and worries. We offer a security advice service, which then allows us to
create a bespoke solution to your particular requirements. Highlighting where and when you
need a security presence and how best and cost effectively it can be met.
Sai Security Systems is committed to providing complete safety to our customers by
continuously delivering new technologies, innovative products, feasible solutions and delightful
services at reasonable rates. We have always delivered consistent and satisfactory results to all
our clients. While its true we know a lot about video surveillance cameras (and even difficult
installations), we still consider complete customer satisfaction to be our highest priority. For over
5 years, we have earned the confidence of our customers by providing professional assistance
and technical advice on all of our security cameras. From online assistance to installation at a job
site, we offer professional, high quality security products to our customers as well as fast,
efficient, and knowledgeable support.
The company has a very well developed Sales, Service and Marketing Network spread across the
Haryana. The company has a strong presence in North India.